Concrete & Asphault Removal

Cut and Removal of flat work, slabs, sidewalk, footings, and structural slabs.

We have a full array of breaking equipment from pneumatic/electric jackhammers, chipping guns. We also have hydraulic rams on bobcats, backhoes, and excavators.

Cutting up to 12" thick concrete and asphalt. Upon request we have the capability to cut up to 20" thick concrete and asphalt. All equipment is updated for clean air standards. We use clean burning gas and electric saws. Both available for indoor and outdoor cutting applications.

Concrete Replacement

Replacement of concrete flat work, sidewalks, walls, footings, structural slabs, foundations, we do it all.

Our crews have worked with clients on structural and decorative concrete projects. Don't like the way it looks? Is there damage from tree roots, earthquakes, or just old age? It can all be repaired with services from 714 Concrete Services. We will collaborate with you to customize your concrete layout, style and color to suit your desired taste and needs. 

Specialty Services

Epoxy Injection, Joint Seal, and Pressure Grouting.

Contract and Hourly Services

All our services are available through contract or hourly rates for all projects: public works, private sector, commercial, etc. Contact us today to get a free quote!


RFP's and inquiries can be sent to

or call us at (714)646-9816